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Absolute Interior Decor on Contemporary Furniture Design and Fabrics

Contemporary furniture was and always will be something different for each generation. The word contemporary implies that the designer is following the latest ideas in design.  At Absolute Interior Decor we start our Furniture Layout Plan by arranging the mix and locations of key pieces in each zone of the home and then carefully accessorizing them to attain a great visual effect when finished. As an example, Absolute Interior Decor’s contemporary selection of furniture for the living room area would be velvet-covered low ottomans, couple of upholstered lounge chairs in neutral linen fabric, lacquered side tables with some bronze figurative floor standing lamps and a comfy sofa.

Fabrics, more so than any other interior decoration, can create the mood of any interior. We never forget about window treatments and soft furnishings but the first consideration is light and how much light the client desires to let in. Accordingly, Absolute Interior Decor will use combinations of sheers and heavy drapes, shutters or Roman blinds to achieve the desired effect. This can also provide privacy from neighbors and black-out room for sleep.

Our contemporary designs for the home are aimed to serve the tastes and needs of our clients by creating luxurious and comfy interiors.