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Absolute Interior Decor on Contemporary Home Interiors

The basic definition of contemporary is “of the moment”. Contemporary design and interiors are “of the day”

. They exist in the here-and-now. Yesterday’s contemporary is today’s vintage. And tomorrow’s contemporary is still unknown. Contemporary styles allow for more flexibility, freedom and trends. Contemporary rooms are always evolving, meaning good contemporary style changes slightly over the years to reflect changing tastes and the shifting lives of the people who inhabit the spaces. Good contemporary design is almost always a work in progress.

Contemporary design allows Absolute Interior Decor a lot of freedom of expression in almost everything that we do with a lot of emphasis on the latest interior design ideas. In our contemporary homes, unlike those in traditional homes, colours are used boldly. One can make a contemporary looking living space just by mixing textures and placing the right accents and emphasizing the center piece of the room by adding upscale objects and art works. Natural daylight mixed with smartly placed dimmer lights adds ambiance to any interior.  Task lights can be added to highlight major objects and artworks. Absolute Interior Decor breaks traditional design rules by using rich textures in neutral pallet of colours. At Absolute Interior Decor we are not afraid to experiment and mix things up to get that contemporary look. Reclaimed wooden floor or new upholstery added to an old classic rocking chair can look stunning in contemporary surroundings. We have used cotton, plenty of linen, wood, silk, velvet, pony skin and imitation exotic animal skin, wood, plastic and metal not only in furniture but in many other unexpected places. Using natural materials makes for a remarkable cozy contemporary home.

Absolute Interior Decor contemporary designs create open floor plans and airy rooms that are most welcome by its clients.