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Absolute Interior Decor on Use of Texture in Interior Design

Absolute Interior Decor, a London interior design firm, enhances and adds a powerful and subtle dimension to any living space by using texture, an often overlooked aspect when designing a home. Texture in interior design refers to how the surface of an object feels. Think about squishing soft carpet between your toes, running your hand along a rough wooden tabletop, or sinking down into leather couch cushions. Soft, fine fabrics create a feminine mood, while rustic metals and woods are more masculine. Natural elements like dried botanicals, wood and wicker are more casual and comfortable. Sleek and shiny surfaces like polished wood and glass are more formal. Textures need some repetition in a room to create the mood you want. A mix of textures results in an eclectic look.

Absolute Interior Decor on latest Interior Design trends from Milan-2One of the basic interior design principles of texture as used by Absolute Interior Decor, a London interior design firm, has to do with weight. Rough, coarse textures are likely to make an object feel heavier, while smoother textures will make it feel lighter. In this way a polished white marble floor will feel lighter than hardwood paneling, even though it is actually much heavier. When determining how much weight a certain texture adds to an item, the interior design rule of thumb is that generally, those objects which reflect more light will tend to feel less heavy. Using this understanding, it is possible for Absolute Interior Decor, a London interior design firm, to create balance between large and small items, using heavier or lighter textures.

Another interior design principle of texture as used by Absolute Interior Decor, a London interior design firm, is that of colour and lighting. Utilizing the same visual tone throughout a room makes it feel lifeless and bland. Absolute Interior Decor, a London interior design firm, believes that decorating with tonal colour variations adds dimension and visual interest. As an example, choose three colours to mix throughout the room in the form of wall decor, accent rugs, accent pillows, accessories and window treatments. Lighting, one of most overlooked ways to add texture, can create dimension and interest as well as serenity and warmth, especially by layering the lighting in a room. Lighting can also play off textural surfaces by reflecting light or creating visually intriguing shadows.

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