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Absolute Interior Design on Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen DesignWhereas kitchens were once solely for cooking, they are now also for living and are the heart of today’s contemporary home. Much attention is being paid to the room’s layout, design and functionality. Kitchen space is always at a premium, especially with older homes.  So a designer has to maximize every inch of this precious space. At Absolute Interior Decor we like to design contemporary built-in kitchens. They give a streamline look to the space. All the appliances, cabinets and counters are built into the walls of the contemporary kitchen instead of extending out and taking up floor space. If there is enough room for an island, we incorporate it as it provides a great work and eating space. An area of an island can also be used as a wine rack for a connoisseur of fine wines. Space can be saved having stools that can be stored underneath the island when not in use. When designing a contemporary kitchen, Absolute Interior Decor also provides for a lot of ceiling storage. Kitchens which have a peninsula or an island can use ceiling space above them to store pots and pans. Bar racks can also be attached to the ceiling to store bar glasses, bottles and similar items. However, with ceiling storage you have to make sure it is neat and organized all the time as a big ceiling structure is the first thing that the eye catches.

Contemporary kitchens are also becoming more environmentally friendly with the use of recycled materials and environmentally friendly products. Absolute Interior Decor contemporary kitchen areas are designed with this and space needs in mind to meet our clients’ needs today and in the future.