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Interior Design Portfolio and Achievements

This has been a fabulous year for Absolute Interior Decor. We finished a number of projects. The most challenging and exciting from our interior design portfolio was the Belgian farmhouse where we did a full renovation of a farm built in 1970’s. Absolute Interior Decor made significant structural changes to the rear wall of the property, extending it outwards to create more space for a larger kitchen, including a long floor to ceiling glass wall running the length of the kitchen and living areas. This significantly improved the natural light in the living room and created a frame and interaction with the spectacular view of the gardens. Absolute Interior Decor also redesigned the floor plan to achieve an easy movement flow between the different rooms and the flow of natural light into the home. The bedroom, the last place you see when you go to sleep and the first one when you wake, was designed by Absolute Interior Decor to create calm, comfort and sense of relaxation.

Absolute Interior DecorAbsolute Interior Decor was honored to be selected as one of interior designers to showcase in the 2015 Interior Design Yearbook.  Mila Podiablonska, Absolute Interior Decor’s principal director and designer, discussed her kitchen interior design thoughts in the April 2015 and November 2014 issues of Interior Design Today, Britain’s oldest magazine for professional interior designers. Articles about Absolute Interior Decor projects appeared also in international interior design magazines: Elite – Russia, Modern Decoration – China, Alem Decor – Turkey. Publications in UK where Absolute Interior Decor was featured were: 25 Beautiful Homes, Embark Home & Decor, Self Build & Design and In Design. In November 2014, City AM, newspaper in London, ran a long article on Mila Podiablonska and her interior design ideas. Absolute Interior Decor is quite proud to have had our projects selected by so many prestigious interior design magazines and publications. We are honored!